Reaching people with a purpose
A voice for the gospel since 1961
For nearly sixty years Altavista Baptist Tabernacle has been heralding this truth: Christ died on the cross for you! Some 2,000 years ago God sent His son, Jesus, to die for the sin of the world! See, in our natural state we are in need of a savior, without Christ our awful fate is an eternity in Hell. However, because Christ died, was buried, and three days later arose in victory over the grave you can go to Heaven! All it takes is simply trusting and believing on Jesus and the death He died.
"Altavista Baptist Tabernacle is a wonderful church with a great family atmosphere and is true to the Word of God!"
-Billie DeLappe
"A warm and friendly church where people can freely worship God"
-Rodney Scruggs

At Altavista Baptist Tabernacle you will find a friendly and welcoming church family. We have a place for you; come join us in our next service!